When The Lord Speaks To Your Heart

by Pauline Books & Media

Illustrated by Gaston Coutois

For many years, Gaston Courtois carried notebooks in his pocket everywhere he went; in them, he recorded the words that came to him through his ever-increasing intimacy with Jesus. He shared the contents of those notebooks, and they're collected here in When The Lord Speaks to Your Heart, and presented in a daily-use format that makes them accessible to everyone.

The thoughts for each day, though short, contain profound material for reflection, meditation, and prayer. It is that combination of depth and brevity that makes Courtois' "notebooks" stand out from other daily spiritual readings: readers will find that minds, hearts, and souls are all fully engaged in the reflections, but also that they can easily be read at the beginning of a busy day or in the evening when there is more time and leisure for thought.

The daily reflections are written as though spoken in God's own voice, communicating directly with the reader. While these thoughts are enormously helpful for the ongoing formation of priests, they are also accessible to all the faithful, and will draw anyone who reads them into a more intimate relationship with Our Lord.

Pauline Books & Media

Size 5 x 7¼ in.
Paperback; Pages: 208