The Bible and Morality: Biblical Roots of Christian Conduct

by USCCB Publishing

The yearning for happiness and success is a common, human desire. For Christians, the path to happiness and success is grounded in the Scriptures and built on the just behaviors that we choose. But the complex relationship between anthropology and theology makes this journey a challenge. The Bible and Morality: Biblical Roots of Christian Conduct addresses this challenge and presents two sets of criteria against which complex, contemporary issues should be evaluated. The Bible and Morality identifies conformity with the biblical concept of the human being and the example of Jesus as the foundation, and highlights six other particular criteria that emerge from Holy Scriptures. These criteria, which are not exhaustive, "show which points biblical revelation offers to help us, in our own day, in the delicate process of correct moral discernment" (Cardinal William Levada in the "Preface," 9.)

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