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Our First Freedom…

Stand with Catholic Online! - Defend Religious Freedom!


Our First Freedom…

Stand with Catholic Online! - Defend Religious Freedom!

We need your help… and we need it NOW.

We bring you Bible readings from the Daily Catholic Mass for People around the world.

  • They are offered over the Catholic Online Channel on YouTube.
  • Lives are being changed through the power of the Word of God!

Also we bring you daily stories from the lives of Saints and Heroes of the Christian Church - and regular updates on news and events - from a faithful Christian perspective.

Because we are Christians, we respect the fundamental Right to Life, the truth about marriage and the family and defend the rightful role of the Church in serving the Common Good.

That was all reflected in our programming and your response made it possible.

At least it did…

YouTube unilaterally decided that the content which we offer to you; including

  •  excerpts from the Bible, which all Christians share
  •  stories of the lives of Christians Saints
  •  regular news and insights faithful to the teaching of the Bible and the Christian tradition

Are unacceptable to them.

The removal of our videos is a blatant act of anti-Christian bigotry

It is discriminatory, singling out the Christian message.

It violates the fundamental right to religious freedom found in the Natural Law

It violates the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution which protects free speech, the free exercise of religion and free assembly

It is a form of persecution, not only against Catholics but all Christians, all people of faith and all people of good will.

Here is what they Did:

The owners and managers of YouTube decided that the Gospel and the Christian message found in our content are unacceptable.

They “de-listed” hundreds of our high-quality faith based videos.

That means they removed them, in stealth, overnight - and in doing so, they denied you the right to exercise your faith.

That means they also “demonetized” them

In doing so, they cut off the source of funding which allows us to produce such high-quality content for our global audience.

Stand Up to Anti-Christian Bullying and Bigotry

Catholic Online is a virtual community of believers. Together we are strong! This is soft form of persecution against Christians. It must be stopped! We must stand up to Anti-Christian Bullying and Bigotry

Religious Freedom Fund

We need your prayer. We need your Financial Help.

We ask you to send the largest gift that you can to our Religious Freedom Fund.

The Money collected for the Fund will be used to make up for the losses which this action has inflicted on Catholic Online.

And, to fight back, with a public relations and legal strategy!

When Catholic Online began, the founding family did not use the vehicle of a not for profit or 501c3 organization for many reasons.

Chief among them, they saw the growing hostility toward Christianity in our politically correct age.

They knew that the efforts to deny Christians their right speak out, share their faith, and live their faith by engaging in commerce and influencing the social order with Gospel values would only increase.

So, Catholic Online is a Limited Liability Company, an L.L.C.

That means your gift is not tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Code. 

But remember, when the United States was founded there was no Internal Revenue Code!

That did not stop people from generosity for those causes which they believed in.

The First Amendment and the Right to Free Speech, the Free Exercise of Religion and freedom of assembly applies to everyone.

What You Tube has done must be exposed, opposed and reversed.

With your help, we will stand up to this Bully.

We Can – We Will – Do it Together
Save Catholic Online!     Defend Religious Freedom!

We need your prayer. We need your Financial Help.

We ask you to send the largest gift that you can to our Religious Freedom Fund.

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