Stem Cell Research: Finding Cures We Can All Live With

by USCCB Publishing

The stem cell debate is filled with controversy and confusion. Some scientists, politicians, and biotechnology companies are pressing hard for public approval and funding for embryonic stem cell research. But this research entails killing live human embryos. Sometimes it requires using the cloning technique that produced "Dolly" the sheep to mass-produce human embryos, so they can be destroyed for their stem cells. Is there an ethical way to benefit from stem cell research without harming human life?

Stem Cell Research: Finding Cures We Can All Live With offers a clear overview of the key scientific and ethical issues involved. It features patients and nationally recognized experts, including:

  • Kevin FitzGerald, SJ, PhD, expert in genetics and bioethics
  • David Hess, MD, prominent neurologist and adult stem cell researcher
  • Jennifer Lahl, BSN, MA, nurse, ethicist, and advocate for women's health
  • Stephanie Miller, heart patient treated with her own adult stem cells

Learn about a new way to "reprogram" ordinary adult cells to have all the valued properties of embryonic stem cells. See why stem cells from adult tissues and umbilical cord blood are leading to ethical cures and treatments. Rediscover why people of conscience oppose cloning and destroying human embryos, while supporting promising research we can all live with.

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