Pray To Your Father In Secret

by Pauline Books & Media

If you want to grow in prayer, pick up this book and read it to the very end! It is not just a book about prayer, but one that actually draws you into prayer. This classic by noted author Jean Lafrance takes the reader on a journey to God.

In this journey you will: stand before God, and experience his look of love; meet Jesus Christ and be changed by gazing on his face; be drawn into his mystery of love and self-gift, especially in the Eucharist; and learn how to go out to others to bring them too into this circle of love.

To enter into true prayer is to stand on holy ground. Drawn from his extensive experience as a spiritual director, Lafrance knows how to help the reader enter into this holy ground and be changed by looking on the God who loves us. As the author reminds us: "God is not a problem to be resolved but a mystery to discover." "You exist and you live by God's look of love upon you."

Pauline Books & Media

ISBN: 9780819860231  
Paperback; English
Pages 224, 5 ¼ x 8 inches