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Mother Teresa of Kolkata (St. Teresa of Calcutta)

$ 12.95 USD
Saint among the Poor

Perfect for children ages 8-10

Written by Dider Chardez and translated by Mary Leonora Wilson

This full-color graphic novel of Mother Teresa's life and ministry includes entertaining and inspiring stories from a priest who traveled with her for seven years. It begins with her early life learning true works of mercy from her parents and her first call to religious life. After her heartfelt yes to Jesus as a Sister of Loreto, she serves in India as a Catholic educator. This eventually leads her to start her own congregation to work with the poorest of the poor on the streets of Kolkata.

Mother Teresa was able to do all of this because she lived a life of constant devotion to prayer and to serving Christ. The religious congregation that she founded, the Sisters of Charity, has a worldwide presence and has continued her ministry to the poorest of the poor. Her friendship with Pope John Paul II, her sense of humor and her quick wit will engage children and show how a life lived in faith can influence others.

Pauline Books & Media

Paperback; English
64 pages, 8.25 x 10.75 inches