Ministry Through the Lens of Evangelization: Major Presentations from NAICE 2003

by USCCB Publishing

Evangelization is a defining moment for all who are disciples of Jesus Christ. For there is no discipleship without evangelization-and there is no evangelization without disciples. In this compendium of major presentations from the first North American Institute of Catholic Evangelization, the vital link between ministry and discipleship is examined and celebrated by a diverse panel of contributors, including Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Rev. Ronald Rolheiser, Rev. Donald Senior, Carole Eipers, Msgr. Raymond East, Bishop Wilton Gregory, Sr. Angela Ann Zukowski, and others. From catechesis to secularized culture, media to missions, Ministry through the Lens of Evangelization covers a world of issues-making it a resource of broad interest to all Church members

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Pages: 178

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