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Jesus Savior Of The World

$ 12.95 USD
Author: Monge Marlyn Evangelina


Jesus, Savior of the World

The very youngest children, ages one through five, will delight in this book about Jesus that places him within the context of the Holy Family. This board book completes the trilogy by Sr. Marlyn Monge, FSP, that began with Mary, Mother of Jesus and continued with Joseph, Guardian of the Holy Family. It teaches very young children the importance of recognizing Christ's humanity, bestowed by his mother and protected by his foster father. 

Adults can help small children develop a loving and trusting relationship with Jesus through storytelling, and Jesus, Savior of the Worldis a great place to start. It takes children through Jesus' birth in Bethlehem to His death and resurrection from the dead.

This compelling story will draw children closer to the Holy Family and especially the Lord Jesus, helping them grow in the faith as they grow in life.