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GNT Good News Paperback Bible with Deuterocanonical and Imprimatur (Catholic)

$ 6.99 USD

Best Seller!

This colorful low-cost paperback Catholic Bible is designed to appeal to young Catholics looking for a clear, easy to read introduction to the Scripture. The Good News Bible uses Standard English in paragraph format and features a “quick look” at each book, maps, word lists, and suggestions on how to read the Bible devotion. The Good News Bible is a popular Catholic Bible that’s inexpensive enough for outreach ministries. 

Distinctive Features of this edition on the Good News Bible

Imprimatur: Granted by the President of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. 

Easy-To-Read Bible Text: Highly-trusted version of the Bible in everyday language translated from the original language by members of the American Bible Society’s Translation Team. 

Book Introductions and Outlines: A “quick look” for each book of the Bible. 

Maps and Word List: Handy reference maps and alphabetized listing of people, places, objects, events, and more! 

Chronology of the Bible: Timetable of events beginning with creation up to the first century A.D. 

What’s in the Bible: A brief summary of every book in the Bible and a handy chart that provides an overview of all the books that make up the Bible. 

How to Read the Bible: Simple suggestions on how to read the Bible devotion and keep notes. 

Reading for Special Days: A guide to passages for reading on special days-Christmas, Easter-even your own Birthday! 

Read through the Bible in a Year: Easy-to-follow daily Bible reading plan. 

Famous Passages of the Bible: A guide to Scripture passages that can help when you may be facing a difficult problem or special challenge. 

What the Bible Says About God’s Forgiveness: A guide to passages in the Bible that speak of God’s great love for you. 

Available in single copies and in case lots 

Paperback. 1424 pages. (5 ¼ x 8 ¼ in.)

ISBN: 9781585160815

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