Forgiveness in International Politics: An Alternative Road to Peace

by USCCB Publishing

"This book opens new vistas in the practice of international politics."
-Douglas M. Johnston
International Center for Religion and Development

In this provocative book, authors William Bole, Drew Christiansen, SJ, and Robert T. Hennemeyer argue that the core religious value of forgiveness can play a real, strategic role in the arena of international conflict and diplomacy. Recognizing that the religion plays a dual role in both nurturing peace and perpetuating strife, the authors help to move the debate beyond the negative, examining case studies drawn from Northern Ireland, Bosnia, and South Africa to demonstrate how religion can be a force for peace, a distinct part of the solution to intergroup conflict-and a power that can change lives for the good.

Authors: William BoleRev. Drew Christiansen S.J.Robert T. Hennemeyer 
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Pages: 208

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