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Following Christ: Spiritual Thoughts Series by Pope Benedict XVI -

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Following Christ is the seventh title in the Spiritual Thoughts Series by Pope Benedict XVI. The Holy Father shares his thoughts on developing a relationship with Christ as his disciples through excerpts from his writings, speeches, and homilies.

71. A great adventure
What does the Lord want of me? Of course, this is always a great adventure, but life can be successful only if we have the courage to be adventurous, trusting that the Lord will never leave me alone, that the Lord will go with me and help me.

Meeting with youth in Rome before the Twenty-First World Youth Day, April 6, 2006


2. Sequela [following]
It is precisely in walking with the Lord's Cross that the journey will bear fruit.

Address at the Roman Major Seminary, February 17, 2007

73. Goal

"To listen" to Jesus: to believe in him and gently follow him, doing his will: In this way everyone can tend to holiness.

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