Final Blessing (DVD)

by USCCB Publishing

This video program examines the spiritual dimensions in the lives of the terminally ill. Rather than turning away from the unavoidable sadness in these stories, viewers will be left inspired, uplifted, and even consoled by the patients' end-of-life discoveries of the potential for peace and healing. Final Blessing is a program about uncovering a place within the soul to begin to understand suffering on a different level and to look forward to what lies beyond. It was originally aired on some NBC-TV stations, was funded by the U.S. bishops' Catholic Communication Campaign and was produced by Martin Doblmeier and Journey Films, Inc. It features Mattie Stepanik, an inspiring little boy, and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. A discussion guide is included.

Funded by: Catholic Communication Campaign 
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978-1-57455-168-6 Binding Information: DVD video 52.00 Min 
4.75" X 8" Inches 
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