Eucharistic Adoration Love, Mercy and Friendship with Jesus

by Pauline Books & Media
Discover the history of Eucharistic Adoration and how it will strengthen your relationship with Jesus

By Dr. Mary Amore

Drawing on her experience in Eucharistic ministry and her love of the sacrament, Mary Amore takes viewers on a spiritual journey as she teaches about devotion to the Blessed Sacrament in this three-part DVD.

In Part I, Dr. Amore delves into the history of Adoration, using religious images and quotes from the saints along with an easy-to-understand history of how the practice came to be. In Part II, she illustrates how this practice will deepen your relationship with Jesus into a unique friendship available to all the faithful through this age-old devotion. She also reminds viewers of the call to evangelize the good news of Christ to others and how the Blessed Sacrament will strengthen us for this journey. Part III contains an easy and practical tutorial for beginning Eucharistic Adoration.

Pauline Books & Media

ISBN: 9780819823991 
DVD 35 minutes; English