Ecclesial Movements and Communities: Origins, Significance, and Issues

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Just released September 2011, Ecclesial Movements and Communities by Rev. Brendan Leahy is an overview of the rise and development of trends in the Catholic Church capturing the unique qualities of the Charismatic Renewal, Communion and Liberation, Cursillo, Focolare, L'Arche, Legion of Mary, the Neocatechumenal Way, Regnum Christi, Sant'Egidio, and others.

Capturing the ecclesial maturity that exists in many of the movements, Leahy addresses specific questions like (1) how the movements express and/or renew charisms; (2) how the movements fit in the context of Apostolic Succession (including the role of priests); (3) movements and the parish; and (4) canonical challenges.

Rev. Brendan Leahy is Professor of Systematic Theology at the Pontifical University of St Patrick?s College, Maynooth, in Ireland. He is a von Balthasar scholar and an ecumenist and has also authored articles and books on interreligious dialogue, issues facing the Church in the 21st century, renewal in the Church, and the priesthood. New City Press

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