Cuaresma Camino del Dolor al Jubilo

Lent is a liturgical time that annually welcomes the Christian world for the purpose of preparing the faithful for the celebration of Easter. In this book, this preparation is considered as an itinerary that begins with the significant experience of pain because of sins, of estrangement from God. Then the path continues through the "desert" of solitude and penance to attain purification and attain personal encounter with Jesus. It is in Him that our journey culminates, for with His grace He lifts us from our miseries to rejoice our heart. Hence Lent means the passage of pain to joy, to the joy of Easter, to the joy of the resurrection.

The reader will find here a pedagogical proposal that, through workshops, encourages reflection on the meaning of Lent, and gives moments of prayer to live in community. Each proposed activity seeks to strengthen an authentic experience of God's love and a deep and sincere encounter with Jesus. Let us live this time as a way back to the Father's house! Large print.

Pauline Books & Media

ISBN: 9789586697200
Hardcover; Spanish
Pages 102

Type: Book

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