by Pauline Books & Media
A Catholic Guide To Freedom From Porn

Illustrated by Marcel LeJeune

Porn is everywhere in our modern culture. Men and women, young and old, married and single, rich and poor, urban and suburban dwellers-people from every walk of life-are all exposed to pornography. And all can fall prey to its addictive trap.

Those caught in the grip of porn may withdraw in shame and despair, thinking there is no hope. Author Marcel LeJeune shows readers that the road to freedom from pornography cannot and should not be traveled alone. LeJeune offers scientific evidence of the addictive and destructive power of pornography, and provides resources and suggestions for keeping your home and family safe.

By proposing personal strategies for emotional, spiritual and physical well-being-which include frequent reception of the sacrament, the practice of fasting, and professional counseling-this book offers a practical, honest guide for a concrete plan toward healing and hope.

Pauline Books & Media

ISBN: 9780819816535
Paperback; English
5 ¼ X 8 inches, Pages: 152