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CEV Extreme Faith Youth Paperback Bible

$ 6.99 USD

Best Seller!

Extreme Faith Bible (Youth)- Contemporary English Version (CEV)

The Extreme Faith Bible is a Contemporary English Version (CEV) Bible that speaks directly to the core interests of Today’s youth. A special introductory section gives them more than a traditional Bible as it explores many of the issues they’re facing on a daily basis. This low-cost CEV Youth Outreach Bible is a vital message and valued gift. 

What is Extreme Faith? 

All of us have had to make tough decisions or solve a difficult problem at one time or another. In the Bible we find the good news that “God accepts everyone who has faith.”(Romans 1.17) Faith, trusting in God, is what helps us when facing difficult times…Extreme Faith! This Youth edition of the Contemporary English Version (CEV) Bible is filled with exciting stories and adventures of ordinary people who do extraordinary things because of their extreme faith in God.

Available in single copies and in case lots. 

Paperback. 1314 p. (5 ½ x 8 ½ in.)

ISBN: 9781585160662

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