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What makes us unique

The current programs to feed hungry children have failed. There are now more hungry people in this world than ever before - 870 million.
  • Poverty is the principal cause of hunger.
  • Lack of education is a cause of poverty and hunger.
  • Children lack the proper tools to learn.
  • Hunger is also a cause of poverty, and thus of hunger.

PRAYER - Prayer is Powerful. Our global Catholic community should forever continue to pray. Lord hear our prayers.

ACTION - Our Catholic Team Global 'Action' campaign is three-phase:

      Step 1: Food; feeding hungry children is only one part of the solution.
      Step 2: Education, the gift of literacy; Children will develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and values to enable them to meet the challenges they will face in the 21st century. When children learn they are better able to succeed, opening new opportunities for themselves and future generations.
      Step 3: Learning Tools; Using our own global distribution network, we will provide XO Tablets for children to optimize their learning and excel in their education.


      Our campaign, 'Prayer and Action' will involve feeding the hungry, moral education, and powerful learning tools to eradicate poverty, which is the leading cause of hunger. Catholic Online stands at the nexus of the people, technology and faith with a future like no other organization in modern history. We have the resources and the network to make this plan a success. Nothing like it has been attempted ever before. We have prayerful faith that with your help, it will succeed.

      Catholic Online has reached a historic place in its growth. With the launch of Catholic Team Global, we are now in position to take decisive action that will for the first time ever alleviate poverty in ways previously unimagined.