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St. Pio Of Pietrelcina - Stay With Me Lord Laminated Prayer Cards – (Pack of 25)

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This beautiful, wallet size - 2 1/2" x 4 1/2", laminated Saint Pio of Pietrelcina holy card, bordered in gold, shows the Italian Capuchin Franciscan stigmatic in ecstatic prayer at Mass. Each morning after a 5 a.m. Mass in a crowded church, he heard confessions until noon. He took a mid-morning break to bless the sick and all who came to see him. Every afternoon he also heard confessions. In time his confessional ministry would take 10 hours a day; penitents had to take a number so that the situation could be handled. Many of them have said that Padre Pio knew details of their lives that they had never mentioned. Padre Pio saw Jesus in all the sick and suffering. At his urging, a fine hospital was built on nearby Mount Gargano. On the back of the card is printed the prayer, Stay With Me Lord. Artwork from the Milan, Italy, Studios of Cromo NB. Sold in packs of 25.